what's the difference between soft pvc & silicone, from material, machines, production

pvc VS silicone

       many people not clear about the difference between soft pvc and silicone products, sometimes they are not clear what the material is their samples, because the soft pvc products and silicone products looks similar but totally different material, and the machines for make it and the produce processing is different.

1. the raw material for soft pvc and silicone:

soft pvc components: pvc resin, DINCH, stabilizer, pigment.

soft pvc


silicone components: silicone has liquid and solid,

a. liquid silicone: silicone, catalyst, pigment;

b. solid silicone: silicone, vulcanizing agent, pigment;

silicone material 

2. for make soft pvc and silicone products:

soft pvc products is easy to make multi color, it can make as many as you like, like some soft pvc promotional gifts:

but silicone is not easy to make so many color as soft pvc.


soft pvc products: all parts made by liquid soft pvc material;

silicone products:

for make single color silicone products, it use solid silicone material only, or just printing logo on it, like: wristband, oil seal, single color mobile case, usb case, what strap, single tag, zipper puller, etc;


for make multicolor silicone products, like colorful logo, badge, silicone case, some cartoon design products, it use both liquid silicone material and solid silicone material, the multicolor part is by liquid silicone material, and the base part will be solid silicone material.


for make silicone label embossing, and silicone label heat transfer, it is use liquid silicone.


3. the fluidity difference between soft pvc material and liquid silicone material: 

    soft pvc is more thin, like water, but liquid silicone is more thick, working with dispensing machine are different; 


4. the timeliness:

    soft pvc can be stored for a long time after mixing,

    but silicone can't:

    liquid silicone will solidify after mixing about one day later under natural environment, so it need to be stored in the refrigerator after mixing;

    solid silicone need to mixing again if you kept for long time after mixing and not use it.


5. soft pvc material and silicone material price different.

soft pvc raw material cost is cheap, 

liquid silicone is expensive, and solid silicone material is cheaper, but also much more expensive than pvc material.


6. transparency.

soft pvc products can make transparent,

but silicone products is not easy to make so transferparent as soft pvc, it is fogging surface.

透明度 pvcsilicone 


7. flexibility.

    pvc products can make soft, and flexible,

    but silicone can make more soft and more flexible,

    and have good resilience, while soft pvc is relatively less rigid. Both silicone and soft pvc softness can be adjusted, but soft pvc lacks resilience.

8. surface.

    back side of soft pvc products, it is shiny,

    back side of silicone products, it is glossy,


        there is a big difference between soft and silicone, soft pvc products will have a slight roughness when touched by hand, and silicone products will have a good fleshy feeling when touched by hand, soft and smooth.

some products is better to use silicone material than soft pvc, like some promotional gifts, some big company prefer to use silicone material.


9. the production for soft pvc products and silicone products is different,

a. it need dust-free workshop to produce the silicone products, it is easy to absorb dustbut,

    but it doesn't need for soft pvc products;

b. the production processing is different for soft pvc and silicone.

    soft pvc is microinjection, baking & cooling, 

    silicone label embossing, is micro injection, then hot press,

    silicone label, tag, etc, liquid silicone part is micro injection, baking, for solid silicone part, it is heating press, because it need vulcanization for solid silicone material.

c. it need different molds for soft pvc and silicone production,

    normally we use aluminum mold for soft pvc, copper mold for silicone.


10. environmentally friendly.

      soft pvc materials can be either regular or environmentally friendly, while silicone can obtain RoHS certification, making it environmentally friendly;

      silicone products have better heat and cold resistance compared to soft pvc products. Silicone products can be heated in a microwave, while soft pvc cann't;

      when burning, soft pvc will soften and be extinguished from the fire; Odor: pungent sourness, while silicone will appear white burning.


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