6 color dispensing machine expend to be 24 color for pvc shoes logo

soft pvc dispensing machine



1.Table size: 610mm*330mm,

2.Stroke: x: 570mm, y: 340mm, z: 60mm

3.lead screw: taiwan

4.Motor: Panasonic servo motor

5.Plastic needles: 7color, 80pcs/each

6.Material bottle: standard size

7.solenoid valve: MAC

8.Voltage: 220v, 1.2kw

9.Precision: ±0.02mm

10.machine size: 1028*980*1480mm

11.machine weight: 280kg



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soft pvc dispensing machinesoft pvc dispensing machinesoft pvc dispensing machine

Product Features:

  1. Strong motion control ability.

three-axis linkage, supports the high-speed continuous interpolation of any 3-D curve with a speed of up to 999mm/s;

High speed trapezoidal acceleration and deceleration, continuous speed processing of inflection point based on speed-forward technology;

Repetitive positioning control accuracy up to 0.5 pulses

  1. Efficient processing control.

High-speed movement with synchronized rubber head and bilateral circular file processing, maximize the potential of the machine;

Multi-Path Shortcut button selection file, combined with the realization of complex multiple drop molding process;

  1. Perfect Programming Support.

Humanized Software Design Concept, easy learning and operation;

Excellent compatibility, supporting the various files(like: NC, AI, .DXF, .JPG, .BMP) generated by most mainstream design software(like: JDpaint, AutoCAD, CoralDraw). Can also support scanner scanning and teaching programming, make the rules of the graph trajectory unrestricted;

Fast parameter setting and debugging, can realize the graph immediate modification, immediately runs.


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soft pvc dispensing machinesoft pvc dispensing machinesoft pvc dispensing machine


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soft pvc dispensing machinesoft pvc dispensing machine


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